The OFFICIAL Jam Week #161 Discussion

Jam week 161 is here and It’s back to normal. No more event, no more prizes,no more fun… just the endless grind towards the inevitable loss. One more week towards the grave. BUT THAT WON’T STOP US FROM TEARING SHIT UP!!! The tracks this week are Bark and Howl by @JoeW723 and Pure Energy by @rcboxer!

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Congratulations, you’re faster than 2000 people🎈


Not a bad start for only 100-200 attempts on each track! :ok_hand:

Hahaha. Didnt even notice I had called this thread THR OFFICIAL…:+1:t6:

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For Fuck Sake…:joy:Lmao
The Shit Bragstad Comes up with…


Mi tiempo

That line wasn’t suppose to be the fast line :joy:

I’m still not positive it is because the intended fast line is harder :laughing:

It wasn’t?! But even I can hit it. That makes it SUPER obvious😀

*by accident

Great track @rcboxer! :slight_smile:

By accident. Bitch please. I’ve done it many times.

Not a fan of short tracks, but this one was fun @rcboxer👍🏻 90% sure the fronflip line is the fastest tho

Thanks @Bragstad!! Nice run you got going on it!!! Ya it wasn’t meant to be but it might be now!!! Have you tried to scrub the jump that your doing a front flip off of? It’d be really hard I know :joy:

Kudla77 has a cool line at the end.

matando a José PR

Rider Walking :smiley:


Topped it

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The Bad Run Challenge

Sup yalls, I got bored grinding jam so I came up with a new challenge, The Bad Run Challenge.
It goes like this, you are supposed to set the worst time possible without breaking/coasting or crashing.
If youre an auto player, just hit go and use lean buttons to do your worst.
The rest of you need to go wfo and lean I suppose.

So far I have done 1.27.4 on joes track. Its harder than it sounds :smile:
Flex your balance folks

@THR_BLISSY52 stellar time mate! You finished last in my challenge :smile:

@TSR_SamMeci_SD Jose_PR send me this!:joy::joy: