The OFFICIAL Jam Week #160 Discussion


It’s time for the third and last week of the event and it’s a real scorcher. The tracks this week are Pay Attention by @JoeW723 and TracKtion by @THR_BLISSY52.
I’ve spend 21 hours in Photoshop creating this week’s image.
Go do things!


A MOMENT OF JOYOUS TRIUMPH!! Beat @ Birdshaw on both new Jams Tracks… Like I said, its just a moment… Pretty cool to me though… Lol


Ive had exactly one run on each. But I was number 1 overall.


Man u are amazzzzzing😜


Let’s just say that Gumbler is gonna love this week!
Am I right @THR_VonKasta?
:moneybag: :money_with_wings: :money_mouth: :troll:


Is @THR_Birdshaw your only friend :smile:

Early reports indicate they are very pleased but its still to early to say for sure @Kipketer :smile:


I am EVERYONE’S only friend.


found a wired glitch, it doesn’t show my attempts, I only played a few times but it should show how many attempts I have


so close yet so far :heart_eyes:


Where exactly do u usually see how many attempts u have?:thinking:



It’s under the individual tracks main menu


Noticed😊 Thx!


I did it again. :grin::grin::grin:


Such pwnage!


lets liven up this thread with a classic screenshot fest





Not bad for 45 attempts…


@THR_BLISSY52 great job at your first track build man!!! Haven’t played it too much yet and the last jump has been screwing me over like crazy :joy: but awesome job at building it!!!