The OFFICIAL Jam Week #159 Discussion


Allright folks. It’s time for jam week 159 AND our second week of the Ride365™ event. I have professionally photoshopped last week’s image to fit this week.
The tracks are Dylan by @JoeW723 and 558 by bencenator.

The tracks are named after avid motocrosser and Mad Skills player, Dylan Slusser or Slusser558 who sadly passed away last week.

You guys know the drill.


Amazing art work son :slight_smile:


Yeah It’s pretty damn pro.


Its getting old dealing with fu whoops every week.
Apart from that, fun tracks.
Now im just waiting for brags to show us how to jump brake checks.


Liking the track names! Gonna be weird not seeing Slusser558 on the leaderboards #RIP558


I’m catching fun on 558. Currently, I’m within 0.972 seconds off the top time. Not bad.


Hard luck! :unamused:


Popped my number 1 cherry. :grin::grin:


Dude you just scored 15k frontline bucks aint that so @OnTheFrontLine :smile:


If that’ll get him to join the streams I’m sure Justin is game.


haha been trying to jump it for awhile :stuck_out_tongue: but @JoeW723 is making it real hard for me this time



Making Madskills india Wats app group,drop ur numbers to join :slight_smile:


@Irc_Durrani whats your name in game


Can I buy shorter whoop sections with those? :joy:


For the track 558 I got a 41.300. Not bad right?


IRC_JOKERZ we are a JOKERZ group


@TCR_Elvis_PR creo que estamos matando a @TCR_JOSE_PR

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