The OFFICIAL Jam Week #158 Discussion

The new week is upon us. It’s jam week number 158 featuring the first of three weeks with the Ride365 event with prizes worth thousands of dollars on the line!
The tracks this week are Back to Business by @JoeW723 and Barnstormer by @OnTheFrontLine
Got any beef? Bring it here!

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Cool tracks, I like them both :slight_smile:
But I wonder why @onthefrontline didn’t make his track longer

I know how you like things long. I apologize :joy::joy::joy:

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I knew this leap would be possible only one person has done it so far

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It was tough making that double dragons back section in my track this week. Hope you guys like it!


Your track is awesome!!! :+1:

Whats wrong people…? We’re already 10 hours in and the screenshots of the leaderboards are nowhere to be seen… :confused: :grimacing:

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Well the fact that i don’t even have a time on the second track which means no leaderboard position yet might explain why i haven’t sent one​:joy::joy::joy:

Happy now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have not figured out back to business yet so my time is awful😊 But i’ll get it. To bad my premium is gone, so i can’t see the right line. Going crazy over that bumpy jump to clear the gap.

Come join us on for a good time, some awesome line ideas and a chance to win some premium. At around 9pm cet. Thats in roughly one hour.

I will try to make it but I’m working​:confused: How long does it go on?:hugs:

Usually from one to two hours.

Ok😊 I’ll see what i can do. Is there something i need to know more then the adress? I mean is it an open chanel so to speak?

Yeah Its open and free for all!

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Ok. Sounds great👍

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Hey @OnTheFrontLine, wtf dude?

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^^^^^^^ this!

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