The OFFICIAL Jam Week #157 Discussion


Tsamina mina eh eh
Waka waka eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
This time for Jam Week # 157

The tracks are Godzilla by @rcboxer and Dreadnought by @mx.phreek.
I’ve set the pace. Now go destroy everything.


I like both the tracks so far. @mx.phreek who are you and what have you done with the real @mx.phreek?!


Aww @THR_Birdshaw in getting all misty eyed lol


Loving the tracks so far… And even though I’ll probably shave off quite a lot of time still I’m of to another good start! THR on the podium :muscle:


Dude! I was number 1!


For how Long? 1 or 2 minutes :slight_smile:
Sorry :blush:




Number 1 is number 1!


This thing can suck it.




I love the rest of the track, but that thing is so annoying. :joy:


Getting use to it. Ujumm!



Good Company!


Guess I’ll join the screenshot party. Still grinding. :sunglasses:


Haven’t even looked at the tracks anymore since yesterday morning and i just found out that I’m not even #1 in my country anymore… Maybe i should get back to grinding soon :thinking::joy:


Whut?! Am i seeing ghosts or is our own THR_Lorky back to racing?


I saw that too, must’ve bought a new phone.?!


I have to say that after some 500 runs at Dreadnought I’ve had second thoughts. I know I said I liked it, but I’ve had second thoughts. I don’t think I like it anymore. I mean the start i super hard to nail and… I FUCKING LOVE THIS TRACK! It’s like @mx.phreek got his head out of his ass and started building AMAZING tracks! What in the hell happened to you!?


Anyone with premium who is trying to shave a second or so off of Godzilla, watch @THR_Timpan9090 preload the front suspension into the last whoop section, then proceed to Pastrana his way through to the finish. Simply spectacular.