The OFFICIAL Jam Week #156 discussion

naDev jam Hogh 156. tugh vItlhutlh Hogh “Check Out” pong @JoeW723 je “Spaghett” pong Bencenator ghoch.
kno SoH chay’


@JoeW723 you call this Joe Bumps™?! Honestly man! Are you even trying?

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I’m trying to be nice to you.


And I’m just trying to prove that there is no pleasing me. :grinning:


That woop section at the end of checkout is killing me :joy: this weeks tracks are quite fun though

Dead threads this week. Where is everyone? Are y’all balls deep in mad skills again? You guys can love mad skills, but has mad skills ever loved you back? Its a lot like dating a German chic.


a littler more attempts…

Had plenty of awesome runs completely trashed by those whoops. :frowning:

The whoops are easy-ish. Its those mini uphill scrubs that slow my bike down even if i do them well. I will say that the last section of whoops are not whoops at all, it looks more like an actual track yall just miniaturized into a small section on spaghett :joy::joy:

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#Whoops are just tiny rhythm sections.

#You’re a tiny rythm section!

I’ll take that. That doesn’t sound so bad.

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Hey! Who changed your title?!

I didn’t even notice. :joy:

Must be @Steve-ox, that jerk😀

Erpty der!!! You obviously missed my point there dexter.

I was just having a small epiphany. I still got what your point was. :joy:

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@LesterWire it was kinda tough trying to keep up with you, but in the end i gotcha :smiling_imp:
Amazing tracks BTW

Look at the guy who’s right ahead of you… He’s awesome :grinning: btw that jspl192 we were talking about… The guy from the netherlands who popped out with a world record… Well you were right when you said i was gonna catch him… I defended my #1 netherlands spot :muscle:

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