The OFFICIAL Jam Week #155 Discussion

Awesome ranks, I’m struggling to stay in top 1200 :joy:

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This is not on the leaderboards… possible to fix this? Just in case i wont beat it. @JoeW723 @hyarion


Give the server time to update. Make sure you have free space on your device. Chances are it just hasn’t been pushed to the server yet. Unfortunately we don’t have a way to manually fix it.

As long as the game didn’t crash and you have some free space on your device then it should upload.

Also, you’re a savage :slight_smile:


my phone battery died after i got that… (lucky sceenshot) @JoeW723 does that mean its gone? :stuck_out_tongue:

Were you able to proceed to the next screen before it died? If it died right away it might not have been uploaded in time.

i got it, screenshot, home button and than it died on the home screen…

Hmm, I’m not sure. If it never uploads it’s probably because your phone didn’t save it before it died.

As @JoeW723 mentioned it never manage to save and send the score. the score is safe when it starts to play the replay in the background. However, since your phone died right before it lost the replay :frowning:

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I finally got around to updating our Jam playlist on YouTube. All Jam winner videos are now posted.

Check em out here:

You’re welcome!

p.s. I’m sick of typing TCR_ZSE743 a million times.


its great this notice.