The OFFICIAL Jam Week #155 Discussion

Jam week #155 is in your face! The tracks are Phoenix Rising by @mx.phreek and Creeks by @JoeW723 and @ANDREWJB_13.

One year ago today Tuborilla made the MONUMENTAL mistake of letting me mod the forum. Idiots if you ask me. Fortunately for all of you they let @Kipketer join aswell. This is not just our cakeday, it’s the whole forum’s cakeday. Yippeee.
You know what to do!


Damn! It’s been a year already? That’s crazy. You two have done a great job. This forum wouldn’t be has as big as it is without you! Thanks @THR_Birdshaw and @Kipketer!


Yea you guys do a good job. :+1:


Pretty cool to see @THR_Dutchman @THR_sick11111 and @THR_dudeslatton all in the top 10 today, I know it’s early, but nice work!


Thx but there will be many changes next days :wink:
Really nice tracks this week!

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Hey guys… this sets you up for a line that’s almost a second faster, but good luck clearing that table. :kissing_heart:

This is where I’ll be for the rest of the week. Way behind you mofo’s :joy:

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Dude i just cleared the table… Actually i overshot the jump over the table so much that i still couldn’t try the line you were talking about haha :joy:

Okay i just did it again and i almost hit the line… So close! :grimacing: don’t know how it will drop you later on in the line but i can definitely see the first part being faster

You pop over one of the steep ramps and it cuts out quite a bit of time. The end is a little weird, but if you scrub out, it works pretty well.

No puedo creerlo.
I am in top 100


Lester you are right. Once I got that line but crashed after. It is faster yes

Hit it on accident the first time. Haha it’s hard as hell to do on purpose.

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I think It’s no problem for bragstad :joy:

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Yea the track is amazing! And y’all do a great job!

So close to the 2.13 seconds!!! :scream: I’ll get there before the week is is over! :muscle::grinning:


Nice job
Leading thr member

@THR_dudeslatton dude. Cheap hills is still using old bike 11. :joy: Convenient af for creeks since you’re on your back wheel the whole time.


Looks like it’s gonna be a good week. :grin: