The OFFICIAL Jam Week # 154 Discussion


What’s this?! A NEW JAM WEEK!!!
Who ever saw that coming?
The tracks are Scrubbing Troubles by @JoeW723 and Thunder by @rcboxer.

You know what to do!


Sweet ass tracks this week :scream: :smile:


I have to agree! I absolutely love this weeks tracks! Allow me kick of this weeks screenshotfest! Still got a lot of shaving to do on the first track and maybe a little on the second one but of to another good start!


Noice. :sunglasses:



This week is not being kind to me.


:weary::weary::weary::weary: I’m only first in my state. Cry me a river



:joy::joy: your newest recruit’s been giving me hell.


I have ppl coming at me left, right and center, wanting to join Club Cool… who is it again?


This cat. @THR_dudeslatton


Oh yeah… I taught him everything he knows.


like how to come in second? :smirk:


In a two man race? I’m one of the world’s leading experts!



Dunno why but I don’t manage to get through this Jam week sessions. Oh my! especially Thunder, can’t find the good ingredients to be under 52sec :neutral_face:


Start, retry, start, retry, start, scrub, scrub, SCRUB, HOLY SHIT, face plant, retry, start, retry, start.


Lol, truest words of this year :smiley:


That guy just sent me a challenge :joy: if he is good enough to beat you then I’m not racing him fo sho lol. OK maybe just once just to see.


He kills me in vs. I’m not great with 2 min. :joy: