The OFFICIAL Jam Week #153 Discussion

JJJJJJam week #153 is here!
The new tracks are Mont Blanc by @JoeW723 and EZ by @yzbeast622 aka Clfitty
Allright guys; here are the rules. You must jam your asses off and you must post your smack and strut your stuff in here.
Are you still reading this? Go do it!

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First post on this forum, getting THR up there!



GOD I need to do something about that all caps rule here!

Good luck this week f.i.p.'s

I DID!!! :grinning: Must be like a dream coming true for you considering the amount of time you’ve spent trying to get me here haha

Dude, you don’t even know! Nice time so far. I’m going to be struggling this week I fear.

You struggle every week. Wtf you talking bout :joy: fip .


Naw man. I reached my goal of top 2% last week.

Does anyone know what’s with all those guys named Mohaak_[number] ? Is that like a team too?

Havin a decent run so far. Sketchy as shit but good considering its me :grin:

Not sure, actually.

Yeah its a team from Germany

go watch my time at the first track :wink: (failed at everything else tho)

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Haha i was actually wondering if that’d be possible earlier today… I figured it was impossible… Maybe i should think again :grinning:

yeah, thats the fast line :wink: but its HARD to get perfect.

Don’t think I’m even gonna try it… You’d have to hit it perfect to be faster… Watch my run besides yours i actually made up some time on that part while i did the backscrub line

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Yeah you do. I like to yell. J_wK_nw8sR0