The OFFICIAL Jam Week #152 Discussion


Allright my friends, and Kipketer; Jam week 152 is upon us. The tracks are Bear Hole by @JoeW723 and The Wait is Over by @mx.phreek

This week is very special as it falls right between 151 and 153. This is a Mad Skills first.
You know what to do!


A little funny…


Best. Name. Ever!

It could just refer to very big hands, but I read other things into it.


GREAT tracks this week! GJ @JoeW723 and @mx.phreek


I agree. I like both @JoeW723’s AND @mx.phreek’s tracks at the same time. Another first.


where the joe bumps at tho :joy: @JoeW723


Lol A1 replica baby, kind words by @THR_Birdshaw… I must be seeing things lol


I know it won’t last lol… but I will say that’s a good feeling


Sweet! Its a damn solid time :slight_smile:


Your new helmet looks awesome!!! :+1:


Thanks alot m8! :+1:t2:


Had to put my helmet on the top and break into the 37’s


I haven’t played yet, is track 1 an A1 replica like last year?


“Bear Hole” is very Nowheresville-esque to me…I love it :slight_smile:


probably because mine doesn’t have any Joe Bumps™

You’re right, it does remind me of those tracks now that you mention it!


Well duh!


You couldn’t just let me have it for like an hour or something? lol


sorry about that :confused:


Track builder’s name is incorrectly spelt.


Ha, well spotted! Unless @JoeW723 didnt change his name though :wink: