The OFFICIAL Jam Week #151Discussion


Allright playas! The new Jams are up! They are One Two Eleven by @mx.phreek and Matterhorn by @OnTheFrontLine. Once you are done wachting the World Championship you have an obligation to tear them to pieces!
In the mean time I have claimed top spot, and I intend to keep it!


Yea. THR boss claiming top spot yet again. :joy:

TCR boss never does it :smile:


You’re goddamned right!:male_detective:


Ladies and Gents, allow me to initiate this week’s screenshot fest :sunglasses: :fireworks::tada:

it’s gonna take a while to call you guys out but i am sure you know yourselves. better pull it together and step it up a bit before i go back into hibernation. you still have plenty of time to kick ma ass :grin:

@THR_Birdshaw keep up the good work, gotta say number 1 suits you man :ok_hand: :sweat_smile:


What’s up guys, I’m pretty new here and this seems like the place to hang if your a fast mad skills player haha,

I’m from Tasmania, Australia and love shredding the jam tracks but can’t get past 30th in the world on One Two Eleven, haven’t even tried the other one yet haha

Keen to get to know you lads about more, hopefully you can give me some tips :joy:


You are right!!:sweat_smile: I will never do it!! at the time new week Jam track show up here is 4am…and i use to wake up at 7am :joy::joy::joy:



You guys hear this? Elvis has run out of excuses so now he’s blaming the Sun! C’mon man!


I’m not blaming the sun…:wink: I’m blaming the time it is here when new Jam start! By the way i will never change the good sleep i got at that time to just keep waiting at the right moment Jam change to new one and hit a run!! Jajajaja :joy::joy::joy::joy::sweat_smile:


Is it my tinnitus flaring up again or can anyone else hear a distant ringing?



Damn Thats is fast man great job. keep on grinding :smiley:
and welcome to the forums :+1:


Haha thanks man, ignore the attempts though :joy::joy::joy:


Screw the ammount of attemps! The more you have, the more you love the game!
Are you THR allready? If not, a spot juuuuuuust opened! :grinning:


Haha yer that’s right man, the more the better!!

Nah I’m just a privatier at the moment, would love to join!!!


haha don’t worry. however now the shit gets exponential, for each couple places on the leaderboard you need 2000 attempts :grin:


Yer I feel you man, getting that scrub perfect over every jump, it’s hard :joy:


Awesome! I will summon the god of name changes in a mystic ritual. @OnTheFrontLine
Is THR_Tassierider ok?
In the meantime look up THR - super secret public page on Facebook and we’ll let you in:)


Hahaha appreciate it mate, work that magic :wink:

Yer that names sounds great! Unless you guys can think of another one? :joy:

I’ll go look that page up now, sweet as


It juuust stays within the 15 char limit, so there’s no reason to chabge that. :slight_smile: