The OFFICIAL Jam week #150 discussion


Finally christmas is over! :slight_smile:
So lay back, relax, and say hello to Jam week #150

The tracks this week are created by @JoeW723 and @yzbeast622 aka Clfitty and are called Doodles and Legacy

You know what to do… Keep the spirit alive and the thread going, and good luck to ya’ll! :slight_smile:


I would appreciate if in jam one track is more technical and the second less - means more Speed etc.
This week both tracks are more technical - makes not so much fun as written before. This is my opinion and maybe other Player thinks that way too?


Yea, Nicole. That’s my opinion too.


I agree. That’s why I expertly designed Birdshawshank Redemption as I did.


I only raced the first track so far. Some sick scrubbing it takes and its fun.


I put up over 2,000 attempts on your track :+1:

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Doodles isn’t that technical, at least I didn’t design it to be!


Tcr Girl showing some madskills!:blush:


tal vez no sea mi mejor intento de la semana pero como se dice en mi pais la suerte del pobre dura poco

espero superarme mas y que terminar en primer puesto de mi pais


I haven’t been able to finish a good run on Doodles yet, so I’ve been hanging on Legacy mostly, which is an amazing track.

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