The OFFICIAL Jam Week #148 Discussion

Allright guys! Week 148 is upon us and it’s with Flashback by @JoeW723 and Harambe by @allynbencen
Tear it to shreds!

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This is THR’S week :sunglasses:

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Both tracks are good. Harambe is my favorite though

I see Joe gave us a return to his infamous whoops so here’s a little FYI

PSA ALERT: Joe’s Whoops

Having a good run? Riding the back wheel perfectly? Run into some wicked whoops that makes you lose it all?

Symptoms include rage quitting, cursing, and throwing of current device.

If you have any of these symptoms, please make sure @JoeW723 knows of all your problems.


:scream:Don’t fall asleep with the TCR girl!! :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

:woman::kiss::lipstick::high_heel: Lol…

I gotta say though we look damn good with our pics.

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23 attempts only? :scream:

Can you aim for the top 20? Or you’ve reached your limit? :confused:

:thinking:Don’t know how lower i can go… but I’m pretty sure I’m not a top 20 player!!:cry:… lol…

Mientras que en Ecuador hay una pelea muy reñida por la punta de la tabla

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Gracias a eso se mantienen activos bajando tiempos!!:wink::+1::+1:

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COntinua la batalla

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Y sigue!!! :fearful:

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Buena la batalla en la tarde superare eso jejej

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This is how i envision @JoeW723 spending his evenings…


Epic :joy:

Just wait until tomorrow, boys :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Possibly my biggest whoops yet, oh yeah and good luck clearing the triple before them to get speed to hit them.

This is what happens when people on twitter say my tracks are getting too easy.


Thats the spirit! I hated when you gave us all them sx tracks like a year ago, they were freaking hard!
Now I miss them :smile:

Don’t worry, SX season starts in a few weeks so they will be back :slight_smile: