The OFFICIAL Jam week #147 discussion


The tracks of the week are called Wonderland and Reindeer Roundup.
Designed by @JoeW723 and @OnTheFrontLine

Full gas! :slight_smile:


Epic intro with a pic to match :slight_smile:

This weeks track are not bad at all.


News Update: He has done it! :wine_glass: :wine_glass: The THR Boss has done it. Number 1 in the world :muscle: :muscle: for some moment. :wink:


Please dont… Just… Dont :unamused:


Screw you man! I’m undeleting!


Wtf, @OnTheFrontLine


It’s actually pretty impressive to be the 1st person to complete a track, you have to be on it!


@LesterWire problem good sir?


That exit whoop has killed my run at least 30 times now. :joy:


What can I say? I’m a pretty impressive guy.
(But here’s the secret. Know when the tracks are about to come up, click the notification, pick track two, and no matter how sucky your run is; finish it)
Don’t tell anyone.


@LesterWire It is there for a reason haha


You’re a terrible person. :joy::joy:


I know!

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