The OFFICIAL Jam week #146 discussion

Get your hands on the latest update for the brand new 11th bike, and feel free to kick some butt in Jam week #146 :slight_smile:

Both tracks this week are created by @JoeW723 and they’re called Outside The Wire and Tobbe Takeoff

Good luck everyone! :slight_smile:


Ill be starting my stream a little closer to 2pm central (8pm GMT) today as i have stuff to do around 3:30. It will be a quick one but it will be fun nonetheless!

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Tracks are good but what’s up with the December monthly tracks? I got the 3 month one but I don’t see the December pack it just shows the purchase screen where it should be

Signing in. . .

How’s everyone liking the new bike with this weeks jam tracks? I just started playing them, so far so good. I think the track go well with the new bike

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they do but on the first track i got a better time with the 10th bike because on the last part i nosedived and did the speed ‘glitch?’.


Yeah me too. Can get a solid run/lead then the “lean forward” trick eats ass and .y ghost blows my ass to shreds :joy:

Yeah, one of my teammates was saying he thought the downhill lean wasn’t good on the new bike, I guess that’s cool though cuz we can still use different bikes for different tracks instead of just leaving the in them garage collecting dust😉

I guess I’ll break the “early screenshot” ice this week :joy:


Joining in early screenshot shenanigans.


Best I’ve done so far in jam. SCRUB ON HOMIES!


Only went and made it over the first wall to then go and mess the rest of my run up and ruin it haha.


Have you guys noticed how the Jam thread has died? I think I know why. Bike 11 is taking all the fun out of grinding. There is no finesse in riding it. Well thats not completely true because it takes finesse to wheelie all the time. But thats what the game has become; a wheelie competition and nothing more. If you hit anything with your front wheel, your speed instantly dies. Therefore, to save the game, one of three things needs to happen. I will list them in order of ascending likelihood.
1: A recall. Roll back bike 11, and go with bike 10, which was perfect.
2: Make a bike 12 like right now.
3: Rework the parametres of bike 11. Get the gravel out of the front wheel bearings. Make it so the front wheel doesn’t slow you down. Ideally tweak the breaks to make them a bit softer, but I can live with the way they are now.


I’d be happy with bike 10 just make it as fast as bike 11. Because as of right now I can set faster laps with bike 9 than I can on bike 11.

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It’s funny… last week I think I had over 3000 attempts just on the second track alone and over 5000 total. This week. Yeah, I’ll be surprised if I make it past 1000. Feels like an arcade game to me now. It’s a letdown for sure. I think less play = less pay. So yeah, I’m with @THR_Birdshaw on this.

Yeah, I think the lack of action in this thread speaks for itself…

Yea. The urge to compete with Bike 11 is not there. I keep loosing speed unnecessarily.

But, it is really for the bike itself? Or the tracks. This weeks tracks are ok, but they are not as challenging nor fun as the last couple weeks ones.

Besides, i read tons of critis to bike 11, but the fact is that it is faster, and faster is fun.

My best time for now, I want to get into top 100 in the world.

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Im kinda back where I should be on bike 11, I have about 0.5 more to cut before Im done but man has it been a frustrating week so far