The OFFICIAL Jam week #145 discussion


Give it up for Jam week #145 and line up amigos, it’s race day!

The tracks this week are created by @OnTheFrontLine and @mx.phreek and are called Leotas Lament and Double Tap

You know what to do… Good luck everyone! :slight_smile:


One thing’s for damn sure; there will be lucky bouncing and backscrubs on these two tracks, damn! :smile:




That moment when you set an 8th place time but you’re out of premium so you can’t even watch it…:confused:


Sounds like someone needs to hang out @OnTheFrontLine’s more often


I guess I’ll have to ask my 5th period science teacher if I can watch his streams in class lol


That’s a GREAT idea! Are you on the West coast?


Yep. From the land where water never falls from the sky! (aka central California)


I will be spending my entire week trying to jump a wall. Deja vu. :joy::joy:

Edit: Got it. :grin:


@JamesA nice run on leota. Been trying to beat it all morning. I don’t know what you did, but after those long whoops, you take oooff. :joy:


hahahahaha today when i saw you ahead of me i made it my mission to improve my time :smile:. this is what i call the MSMX silent battles

but god damn you are fast, my first run i had the first half nailed down but the second one was pretty lousy now its vice versa.
now sitting at 20 i’ll start playing the 2nd track, jeez you are #9 :clap:

waiting your comeback on leota :wink:


I do that all the time. I had @CountVonKasta as my nemesis untill that bastard suddently got fast.


Silent battles are my favorite. :joy:

I’ve almost had you a few times. I either blow the speed check or that dragon back. It’s getting frustrating. Haha

Popping over that double at the beginning of the second track cuts so much time. Took me 500 attempts to finally get it with a decent run. I cased one of the jumps on the second half. Almost wrecked my whole run. :confused:


I have silent battles with Kudla77, still haven’t won :wink:


He’s a very strong opponent though. Missed Sweden by whiskers.


Yeah I know. He has always been close to the absolute top. I like his style


Kudla is the one that came up with that flip to bounce the wall on rbsr. He’s fast and creative.


Tru dat, he also invented the “Kudla scrub”, loooong before anyone else scrubbed that way :slight_smile:
Now the whole top 20 do it.
We talked about it on a stream the other week actually

Edit: Just realized you’re in the top of Double Tap, damn sweet run man! I aint gonna be near beating you this week, atleast not on that track. Insane, man :smile:

You think you’re able to better that run? Good luck hitting that perfect bounce spot :slight_smile:


Is that the sucking up the back wheel?

Yeah man. I’m so happy. :joy:

I think I could. Gonna take some work, for sure. That run took 500 attempts. I think I can put Down another 1,000 before I give up. That tracks really fun. Haha