The OFFICIAL Jam week #144 discussion

Lighten up puppies, Jam week #144 has arrived :slight_smile:

The tracks this week are created by @JoeW723 and @allynbencen aka Benceneator and are called Send It and Eastern C-Board

Good luck everyone! :slight_smile:


That last jump in Send It will suck a lot of good attempts. Fun tracks BTW

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itโ€™s a bit early but allow me to start this weekโ€™s screenshot fest :grinning:

i guess scores gonna be really tight in this one.


Early screenshots FTW. :sunglasses::sunglasses:


nice time

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@JamesA coming for you bro!

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I have a little story to tell. I let my sister play on my phone and she set it to bike #8 and didnt tell me. Me being the idiot I am, i attempted to beat my time on Eastern C-Board for 1.5 hours, and kept getting close. When i realized, I switched to bike #10 and on my first run I cut 1.5 seconds off.


My times

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Roflcopter :grinning: Thats some funny shit right there

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i wanted to kill myself because i was playing til my fingers started hurting haha.

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Close week. :joy:

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Amen to that brother, its always damn tight with short fast tracks, just like Send It this week.
Youโ€™re doing real good as usual :slight_smile:

I love it. Shave off a few milliseconds and jump 15 places in the leaderboards.

I finally got the scrub on that last jump. :grin::grin::raised_hands:t3:

Exactly, haha :slight_smile: Sweet!


These tracks are killer this week!

Goddamnit :sweat_smile:. this track is freaking awesome!!

whenever you are ready my man :sunglasses:

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Dude thatโ€™s some Carl Lewis shit right there! :smile:

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thanks buddy :slight_smile: