The OFFICIAL Jam week #143 discussion


mi mejor intento hasta ahora necesito subir de nivel

my best trying top 865


nice time bro :+1:, keep at it and you’ll be in the top 100 in no time :slight_smile:


WELL. . .I enjoyed this

I love grinding out fast-flowing tracks, no speed checks. My attempts is almost looking like a phone digit.


Most attempts I’ve ever seen bro.


This track is awesome.@bencenator

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Bug/Crash Reports


I think it happened to @THR_chykason_NG aswell. It @JoeW723 kissed the booboo and made it all better.


Nice run! And fortunately juuuust behind mine. :slight_smile:


I keep racing sven on Well… and I can beat him on the first lap a few times by .0001 basically it’s neck and neck and then somehow I can not for the life of me put that 2nd lap down…


Well fellow homos this is the best I can contribute this week. I will do better next week if they use a real track creator


first time I ever came close to this dude haha


Broke into the top 100. Get your shit together Ryan @THR_Madskillz


Back to the game


Couldn’t quite get that top spot, i enjoyed the tracks this week though!


You guys in the top are sick… You really show us all that the absolute top is where you belong


I’m convinced they’re all on drugs.


FU#% the top I’m good in the middle


I want first though…lol 2 hours left u might see a new winner soon


Yeah you youngsters have all the time in the world to grind :slight_smile:
May one ask how many attempts you got on each track this week?