The OFFICIAL Jam week #143 discussion


Lets welcome Jam week #143 and the fresh new created tracks by @JoeW723 and @allynbencen aka Benceneator.
Tracks are called Well… and Bump and Run

Good luck everyone! :slight_smile:

The official THR sign up thread

Let me give some background on “Bump and Run” before you all want to murder me.

I get requests for a flat track all the time. People want to have wheelie contests, I guess. That’s lame if you ask me, so I did the next closest thing.

Track is basically a bunch of straights with a couple bumps and walls to break them up. Then the end has a fun little jump/rhythm section. Seems easy, but those straights are actually pretty tough to nail quickly.

Please let me know how you guys like this track.


It’s pretty damned evil. The completely flat design running up to the speed checks is completely without reference points and if you break when you see it, it’s too late.
You’re a big bully!


Get up on your backwheel for once and the braking will be easier :grinning:

Or just look at Bragstad and copy him. Easy :slight_smile:


i agree @THR_Birdshaw :joy: really cruel, we have to count in our heads how long it takes to get to the wall to get ready and brake​:sob:


May not be easy to notice, but the trees on the background do help a bit to see when to break.


Boy, it’s good to be back! :smiley:


I don’t mind it. Gives me a good opportunity to practice my wheelie game! :yum:


Svedsgard took your wheelie contest very literally. :joy:


I like the speed checks and the track is awesome. 80%back wheel 20% both wheels


Had to get it in while I could. Lol


I saw it! Nice job, man. I’ve been sitting here juggling taking care of my son and trying to beat you. Haha


I think its a fun track! I like having something different every now and then. Might have some new guys on top… maybe even a team THR bike will be on top this week! :wink:


Im sure as hell trying! Looking pretty good in the overall rankings! :smile:

04 - THR_Android_16
24 - THR_Dutchman (is he on the forum btw?)
45 - THR_Kipketer
62 - THR_Cycleriderz

Also THR_Lorky will be up there when he starts to play the second track. He is placed 16 on the first track :slight_smile: What a party


THR_Birdshaw 35 x 100



Is that your first youngin’ ?


Another TOP PLAYAH from Sweden, @CountVonKasta have also joined the THR cul…club.
So beware, worlds!


Yessir. And he decided to pop out at 27 weeks. Been a turd ever since. :joy:


27?! I hear you out totally, our came in the 26th. I hope everything is ok :slight_smile: :baby_symbol:

Enough off topic, back to business boys!


He’s a champ. Doin great. :sunglasses:

You know who’s not doing good? Me. These speed checks are killing my times. Then I get the speed checks right and I mess up the rhythm section. Bump and run is probably my least favorite track in months. Not because it’s a bad track. Just because I suck at it.