The OFFICIAL Jam week #142 discussion

Zup whippers n’ scrubbers! It’s time for the two new tracks in what we like to call Jam week #142 :slight_smile:

The tracks this week are created by @JoeW723 and @allynbencen aka Benceneator and are called Vanquish and Ghoul

Good luck everyone! :slight_smile:


i like this week’s jam. im back from a few months break so im in 9th div.
in the top 4%/top 1000 now but it’s the first day lol

^What’s your username, bro?

Tracks are very different this week and I like it! Starting off strong so far! Good luck to my fellow privateers out there! haha


my user is rilayy

This is my best time right now


Not bad @sam_meci ! My time on vanquish is 25.413 well have to do some vs. matches!

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Ghoul is BRILIANT! There have been other more intricate tracks with cleverer tricks, multilines and what have you, but dammit I don’t think I have ever had so much fun on a track before. Super fast with huge jumps, killer scrubs and minute throttle control. Great job @allynbencen!


Now wait a second…something is not right! i am reading a Very strange vocabulary? you actually liked the track
@allynbencen props to you man you just achieved the impossible :joy:

the first track is awesome, i’d better go and check out this miracle track then :smile:

I very rarely complain about Allyns tracks. @Kipketer would say I’m gay for him, and I may very well be. :smiley:


As long as Joe didn’t build it :smile:

How’s it going guys?

Lovin the tracks.

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1200 attempts on Vanquish, #173 :checkered_flag:

33 attempts on Ghoul, #3225 :mountain_bicyclist:

Gonna start the beast grind mode on Ghoul in the next few days


I’ve been grinding ghoul all day. Haha I beat my time, I think, 3 times and I’m still goin at it. It’s just a downright fun track to play.

Vanquish, on the other hand, has not been kind to me. The short tracks are the deadliest.

I told you man! It’s a riot!

This was totally intentional :smile:


I’m at these Muthafu*#ers Throats this weekend , Vanquish doing pretty average cool track though But Ghoul after 748 attempt which isn’t a whole lot ,Just saying iv managed to Crack the top 1000 and stay there so far , I’m not done yet with either track , BTW I’m really feeling the Ghoul Track good job on that build.

Living up to your title…

Ha, I’ ve better myself since that tho, doing the ordinary boring line. Really really fast. :slight_smile:

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I hear ya Kip! Ghoul is something else… I get a great first lap then i miss a scrub after the finish line or on that up hill rhythm whoop section thing haha Great tracks though!

1500 attempts on Vanquish, #9
600 attempts on Ghoul for #210

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