The OFFICIAL Jam week #141 discussion

Alright ladies, the straight rhythm days are over, so get your stuff together and take on the two new tracks in Jam week #141

The tracks this week are created by @rcboxer and @allynbencen and are called Conquer and The Benceneator

Good luck everyone! :slight_smile:

Honestly guys, are you even trying?


Hey Shaw. I had such screen too. Would have taken screenshots. I think it’s now normal.

Great tracks BTW. The whoops aren’t bad at all


@rcboxer and @allynbencen are usually pretty sensible whoop wise.

We’ve got 6 more days? Oops :smiley:

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tracks are great this week, great jobs guys :thumbsup:, however enough chitchat and lets begin with the a nice screenshot shall we:


is it me or any one of you guys having trouble through the last whoops section in Conquer, i am losing a lot of time over there damn it!!

Edit: were da faq that Jerk next to my name came from :joy:, i am loving it :heart_eyes:!!


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hmmm…okay, so it’s by design :sweat_smile:
but great track man, very effortless :clap:

That’s really odd! It must be some sort of bug.

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A danish bug i presume :grin:

I wouldn’t know, man.

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General FYI. @OnTheFrontLine will not be streaming tonight. He’s going on a family outing instead. Family over assholes on the internet?! JESUS!

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Im so sorry @Birdshaw. Now go bake me something yummy!

Will do.

Conquer is kicking my ass.

Well I am right where I want to be - in the middle of two real men @SyrianAtheist and @51Ce while the TCR crew is watching.

Edit: That sounded… Odd