The OFFICIAL Jam week #139 discussion


Listen up kids! It’s a new Mad Skills week and two new tracks are ready for you, Jam week #139 is here!

This weeks track are created by @JoeW723 and @allynbencen aka Benceneator, and are called Bad Bite and Bringeth Forth

Good scrub luck everyone, and try to keep the thread as alive as you did rescent weeks :slight_smile:

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wow this week is sure to be interesting, @JoeW723 your track is a scrub magnet, light simple and a ton of fun. loving it.
i know it’s a bit early but i am sitting 12 globally on the first one :grinning:


Keep that spot, and hook me up later :slight_smile:


ha i need someone to hook ME up tomorrow when i wake up and find a 0 next to the 12 :sweat_smile:


Lovin Bad Bite, super fast and fun track!


Bad bite is super fun, but it’s giving me hell so far. Haha


TCR staying strong :muscle:


@Simen_Salthe_Johanne jeez you are everywhere, well thanks for leaving my local leaderboard alone :smiley:


Fun track through and through. Great physics.

Bringeth forth doesn’t quite look a Bencenator track though :smirk: Who else noticed it? :smiley:




Hahaha. Ya dirty rat bastid! Lol. Good job. I knew it wouldn’t last long. I ain’t done yet tho…well maybe I am.
Bro im telling ya, you have gotten really really fast in the last 6-8 months. I on the other hand have had my time to race whittled down to about half of what it used to be and wish I could be as fast as I was a year ago.
Good job, we all know what kind of effort is involved in not only being fast but remaining fast.


I’ve gotten better at jams and lost all hope in vs. dudeslatton @Steve-ox and @Kipketer have been kicking my ass in vs lately. Haha

Keep on grinding! I put in 1,700 attempts on submarine last week. :sweat_smile:


The funny thing was about me beating you for the top spot (at that time) is I was actually racing you. I think that was the first time in Jam that I had been matched up against someone I knew. I saw your name pop up and was “awesome”. Lol


I’ve had that happen a few times. Always puts an extra level of dedication it for me. :joy:

Most of the time, I go into the leaderboards and pick people to race.


Is everyone just grinding hard this week? No time for the forum?


actually i am laying low because my performance is miserable on the 2nd track :weary:, there is like a full kilometer between me and you/the other guys, no matter how much i grind it’s hopeless.

P.S. 1 kilometer = 0.621371 miles!


Tracks aren’t too hard this week so I think I’ve got my fastest times down. And now I’ve just been distracted by 12 new tracks that some are actually pretty freakn’ hard.


Pure evil is rough…


Im not grinding hard this weekend, I have too much childrens birthday parties, shopping and other UBER FUN stuff in my schedule :confused:

But I check in a lot of times a day to see if you’re all behaving :wink: