The OFFICIAL Jam week #137 discussion


Hey d00dz, it’s time to Rattle the race and take on the two brand new tracks in Jam week #137 :slight_smile:

This weeks track are created by @JoeW723 and @OnTheFrontLine and are called Eleven Bravo and Mr Toads Revenge

Good luck everyone, and try to keep the thread as alive as you did last week :slight_smile:


Nice intro, Kip. Fun tracks this week. Kudos @JoeW723 and @OnTheFrontLine


Mr Toads revenge: Fast rollers, Justin whoops™, close as hell… Yup it’s @OnTheFrontLine allright.
Eleven Bravo: Fast, no Joe Whoops™, awesomely fun to play… WTF @JoeW723?!


@chykason thanks homie! If you will notice @Birdshaw will complain about anything. It could be a sunny sky and he would complain that its not raining


If you’ll notice I didn’t say one negative word about either track. All I did was mention that it’s very @OnTheFrontLine. I like fast and close. And I don’t mind Justin Whoops™
And @JoeW723 made a track I like… WTF?!


@Birdshaw Man i apologize i am so used to having to play the defensive when we interact i just couldn’t help myself hahaha. Love you man! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


People have been complaining the tracks have been a little too hard so I made an easier one :slight_smile:

Anybody know what Eleven Bravo means?


I think it pretty much means WELOCOME TO THE FRONTLIIIIIIINE!!!


You’re so mean to me all the time. It’s comepletely uncalled for.




Makes the whole thing fun. He says a lot of people’s mind too. I’m sure you agree


That’s racist! Super racist!:smiley:


Tracks rock this week!! Thanks @JoeW723 @OnTheFrontLine


I’ve only tried your track so far Justin and its really good!
Im glad you kept it short, fast and simple instead of long, boring and filled with airtime and too many too big jumps :wink:


Definitely not a normal Joe track minus the wall but great tracks


Tried them both now, great tracks guys!


BTW… I just watched your run… Did you forget you put a wall there… twice? :grinning:


Birdshaw what’s bryans name to search him on here so i can pm him


It’s @bryan @Devon_Meents


Nope, I just like to hit it big because it’s more fun that way :slight_smile: