The OFFICIAL Jam week #136 discussion

I uninstalled and reinstalled the game. All my tracks are good now. Thanks, man.

Thanks @rcboxer

We should all congratulate @CountVonKasta who is having the Jam week of his life!

After steppin up his game the last months and being in the top1000 for some weeks and also top500 the last weeks - he now has taken the step into the top100 with small help of a (non lucky at all ofc) sweet svendsgardbounce at Bleu Tomato :smile:

Well done my friend, Im not gonna beat you this week :slight_smile:


Ha yeah I was going for an inside top500 finish when this happened :smiley:

Played out kinda well :slight_smile:

Wtf, thats odd :smile:

Thanks, Uncle Kip.

How do I embed video here?

I just went into Youtube in the browser (NOT the app) and copied the link from the adress field.
Or, in the app you can choose to share it, and then pick the option “copy url” and then you got the link.

There you go pal, Im closing this old topic now.