The OFFICIAL Jam week #136 discussion

My track this week was supposed to be for everybody else. It’s super easy and fun with big airs. Not meant for the super skilled. We try to do one of each every week but it doesn’t always work out that way.

Making a track that works on all bikes is also very difficult.

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I know this, no disrespect man!. Everyone’s sense of humor is different.

@Birdshaw I sense this might be the best week in your MSMX gaming career :slight_smile:

Bla bla bla… the harder the track, the better my place.

Hey forumites. Greetings!

@BryanStealey, Joe, rcboxer

I couldn’t download and play the first track See Through. No problems with the second Whoopy track “Bleu Tomato”. I don’t want to loose my Division 1 ranking. My ingame username is chykason

Hah yeah I shouldnt really be complaining about last weeks whoops as they seemed to play out in my favour, first ever inside top 300 finish for me :slight_smile:

I think @BLISSY52 is my current nemesis and here I gone and handed over my weeks :smiley:

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  1. This guy and I duke it out every week for #1 in my state.

  2. Msmx sucks at math. :laughing:

LoL that’s funny. I bet it’s because they round up and we can’t see the numbers in the ten thousandths spot.


That’s what I figured, but I never pass up an opportunity to poke fun. :sunglasses:

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That’s really mean! I would never do such a thing! :slight_smile: @LesterWire


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LesterWire is still on fire! What rank did you end up at in the last week?

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Attention: Bryan, FuzzyHobo, Admin

I can’t download and play the first Jam track See Through. It’s annoying. The message that pops up on my Android is “Unfortunately, Mad Skills Motocross 2 has stopped”. Some career tracks do it too.

What do I do?

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  1. I hate when I get so close to top 100 and can’t shave off hundredths of a second to make it. :joy:

Edit: I typed 107 and it did some fancy computer translation nonsense.

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trust me you would hate it much more when you are 0.6 seconds behind the top player and all of a sudden you miraculously manage to pull some fancy shit that has the potential to push you to a dangerous undiscovered territories of the leaderboard…Just to fuck it up!!!

i am sure that many of you had that pure RAGE feeling at some point in this game :grinning: .


I understand your pain. I hit that scrub on the first day and I haven’t been able to touch it since. I’be also accidental backscrubbed it and messed up out of excitement. :frowning:

Nice vid. :sunglasses:

it’s a hard scrub to pull off because of the long distance that you have to wheelie, this was the only time i managed to hit it and probably the last!!

They probably haven’t seen this yet. Tag them like this so they get notification.

@bryan @FuzzyHobo @JoeW723

Try reinstalling the game. Log back in with social media to restore your progress.

Simply restarting your phone might help. Also double check that you have some free disk space. Maybe delete an app you don’t use. Reinstalling the game like Joe suggested can also help. Please let us know if you still have problems after that.