The OFFICIAL Jam week #136 discussion

Hi youngsters :wink:

It’s a new Mad Skills week and two new tracks are ready for you, Jam week #136 is here!

This weeks track are created by @JoeW723 and @rcboxer and are called See Through and Blue Tomato

Good luck everyone, and try to keep the thread as alive as last week :slight_smile:

Oh, and a little shoutout to @TCR_Elvis_PR happy birthday man, hope you have a good one :sunny: :heart:

Does that mean that @OnTheFrontLine will not be destroying the game this week?

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Thats correct my friend, @OnTheFrontLine wont be able to cause the same incredible damage as he did last week.
Lets just hope he’ve learned a lession :slight_smile:

Joe Whoops™, @rcboxer?! Really?! JOE WHOOPS™?! On a two lapper?! REALLY?!


I think incredible damage is putting it a little mildly. DEVASTATING!

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OMG, fraking WHOOPS!! !

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WHOOPS!! NOT A AGAIN :scream:!!!
P.S. i haven’t played yet, so i am taking your word for it guys.

Sorry @Birdshaw :joy: I did think about you as I made them though. So i added a couple less deep whoops in them for you​:wink:. But I don’t think they made them any easier to get through LoL


"Hmm… I bet this will piss off Birdshaw… I’d better not… Nah, fuck that guy."
Asshole :slight_smile:

@rcboxer I don’t know if we were ever friends, but we’re damn sure not now.

:joy: but it’s SO fun when you Blitz them!!! :wink::laughing:


LoL @JoeW723 may not of made these “joewhoops” but he did make it two laps so you have to do them twice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That’s a blue moon scenario, man. :joy:

That’s my bad. I uploaded the track the first time and set it for 1 lap and realized I spelled the name wrong. I guess when I redid it I forgot to change it back to 1 lap, default is 2 laps. Have fun :grinning:

Svendsgard’s really creative with the whoops at the end of lap one :astonished:


I think it worked out good as two laps :+1:

The whoops was way worse last week, thease are ok if you scrub the kicker before the run ups so you can build enough speed

JESUS CHRIST, DUDE! You piss me off even when you’re not even trying.

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I agree. They’re not too bad, but I have to live up to my title even though you don’t anymore. You’ve gotten WAY too fast, ya bastard!

I’m thinking the track designers are forgetting about the majority of ppl who play the game and only thinking of the top2000 in the world :sunglasses: …I love it opens box of Swedish fish mmmmm