The OFFICIAL Jam week #135 discussion


Zup dudes :slight_smile:

It’s a new Mad Skills week and two new tracks are ready for you, Jam week #135 is here!

This weeks track are created by @OnTheFrontLine and @mx.phreek and are called Justin 3:16 and Rip It, Ride It, Swerve

Go scrubbin boys! Good luck :smile:


My jam ranks never looked so good :sunglasses: only because it just started.


Lol Sid James :+1:


@Kipketer that picture :joy:


Im just here to please you once a week :slight_smile:


going through the whoops section in “Rip it, Ride it, Swerve” feels like


Making it to the jump after the whoops on rip it is pure luck. :joy:


Yeah. The whoops section is way too long to make a good ending on purpose, @mx.phreek got some explaining to do! :wink:


man its driving me nuts :sob:, i cant get the last 3 whoops properly to land right and make a clear jump, its a challenging fun track.


@SyrianAtheist exactly… They’re long enough you can enjoy the lovely view as you’re speeding through them on the back wheel :joy:


@Kipketer seems a common theme… Me have some explaining to do lol


indeed, its all about the scenery :joy:
finally i got it :sunglasses: i was able to shave more than one second just by making this small jump after the whoopes.
i think my current time will stay the same throughout this week’s jam :grin:


@SyrianAtheist I’m sure you can squeak a bit more time out of it :fist:


Sitting pretty so far. :sunglasses:


wow impressive time man :clap:


We got a new Early Screenshot King I see :slight_smile:


Time for a poll everybody!
What does Birdshaw dislike most about Rip it, Ride it, Swerve?

  • The speed
  • The rollers
  • Those long ass, random %#*€|+@ whoops!!!

0 voters


I’m sorry @Birdshaw I thought I was voting for what you liked the most!


Heed my words… If you put Joe Whoops™ In your track, I will bitch and whine!


What is your time on the “rip it, ride it, wreck it” :articulated_lorry: :bike::ambulance: