The OFFICIAL Jam week #134 discussion


Hey posers, listen up! :slight_smile:

It’s a new Mad Skills week and two new tracks are ready for you, Jam week #134 is here!

This weeks track are created by @JoeW723 and @mx.phreek and are called Brace Yourself and Sweet emBrace

Go scrubbin boys! Good luck :smile:


Really liking the second map so far. I really like big whoops


I’m not very good at the maps I’m only division 9 with bike 8


There still fun tho :slight_smile:


Who the F is SmellsGood?!!
Svendsgard wants another brace?


How do you get the 1st and 2nd bonus top jam tracks in career for bike 9?


Wrong thread m8 but I would suggest that you rocket through them, some tracks are just not worth the grind


Alright I’ll do that for getting the gold frame also.


Tight week it seems


Shhhhhh. Be very very quiet. We don’t want to upset the fragile bouncy bounce rhythm and single essential temperamental scrub X 2.


If there’s a record for wreaking while kicking major ass :sunglasses: I’m sure I’d rank in the top 15. :beers:


@KingKnobbywuzhere I have to be in a close second to ya on that one!! :beers:


Isnt this the flying bushman known from the Stream chat?


You are really good, I think you beat me like 6 times in a row so far lol

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