The OFFICIAL Jam week #133 discussion


I use the clutch button just before landing. GO button player.


I thought they were about the same. Are the top guys just doing to tables on lap 1?


can’t get any lower! and yeah i fucked it up :sob:


You got it.


Nice one! :thumbsup: Have you tried doing the front flip scrub yet? Ride that wheelie and slam the brakes, right about a bike length from the top, and the forward momentum is ridiculous. Faster than that back scrub if you hit it just right and it can be done on the following triple as well to gain even more speed. I’ve pulled it off a couple of times but haven’t been able to make it stick for a best time run. I always Bork the run on one of the brake checks.


i tried but never been able to pull it off, i either hit the breaks a bit early and bounce on top of the hill loosing all my momentum or hit the breaks a bit late and land far. ill keep grinding though till i get it :ok_hand:


I try to scrub brake


Yeah, if you can manage to pull off a scrub there, instead of coasting, it’s a lot faster.


Track is awesome! Love the multi-lap tracks. Wish there were more of them in versus.


I’m #23 at this track so far…(World Record):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There are no current plans of using multilaps in vs AFAIK.


This is crazy rad and stuff but there’s no way that landing is gonna pan out to be faster as you’d have to either tap the brake or let off the gas pretty extensively. Killer though that the fender touch didn’t knock you off :smiley:


Hey Kip my wife said my skin is kinda getting flaky and I need a back scrub, I told her you were pretty great at it and she looked at me like…


Hahaha wtf man :joy: :smile:


@Steve-ox Step it up a notch would ya :wink: :slight_smile:


I need help ranking up on versus so I can get the ninth bike, any ideas on how I could rank up fast


Grind, grind, grind! Just keep adding opponents. You can clean up later. They even nerfed the amount of xp you need, so you don’t even know the struggle. :slight_smile:
Some might say that I don’t either, but that’s another matter. :smiley:


Thanks! :slight_smile:


@birdshaw I added you so I could have someone else to race against that I know wont stop playing the game for a while


You will advance very fast ny friend… :smile: