The OFFICIAL Jam week #130 discussion


Gitty up! The moment we’ve all been waiting for is here!
Give a warm welcome and say hello to Jam week #130 :smile:

This weeks track are Bearcat by @OnTheFrontLine and Lightning Bug, by @JoeW723.
How you like the tracks?
Whats your goal this week?

And to all the new members; welcome to the forum! This is a thread created on a weekly basis where you can chat, brag, hate, love and whine through the Jam rounds :slight_smile:


Is that @OnTheFrontLine from way back when he wasn’t bald?


Shut your whore mouth @Birdshaw :joy: :joy: :joy:


Fun tracks this week, the obvious name for @OnTheFrontLine track should be “point brake” :slight_smile:


Mellow whoops, pretty much full speed, generally good fun… WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH @JoeW723?!


@OnTheFrontLine broadcasting today, I finally get free from work to participate and not on


@LorkyMX2 nice time man haha


Yeah I didn’t stream today because I had that gum grafting surgery. My face is swollen pretty good and I am jerked on some pain medicine. It will probably be a week or more until I’m back on the stream train :train2:


It was designed by a fan request to make one good for bike 8 and moderate difficulty. So that’s what you get :grinning:


Dude! I give you those (ahem) polite requests every damn week :slight_smile:


Got alittle lucky on this run!


That’s awesome!!!


Two pretty epic scrubs I give you that @nclark338


i just fucked up probably my only chance of getting my first decent time in Jam…ever
this is my run against the top player on the leaderboard (TCR_Nclark338)
the funny thing is none of these backflips were intentional, they just happened :sweat_smile:

pure RAGE


That’s why we really call this game “Spode Rider Loop Start Reset 2.” The developers and nut huggers don’t, but I guess they’re just proof that ignorance is bliss.


That could have been a top 3 run! But you decided to screw it up… Been there done that :smile:


every time i pull some fancy move there is a voice in my head (a very loud one) that shouts “Don’t fuck it, Don’t fuck it” then i enter this hyper focus mode that lasts 2 seconds because by then i’ve already fucked it :joy:

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