The OFFICIAL Jam week #128 discussion


Oh hi, please welcome; the Jam week #128

This weeks track are Promontory Point by @JoeW723 and Balls to the Wall by @OnTheFrontLine .
Might be a whoopsy round!

To all our new members; welcome to the forum!
This is a thread created on a weekly basis where you can chat, brag, hate, relate, love and whine through the Jam rounds :slight_smile:


I’d like to dedicate this song to a very special friend… You know who you are ;-D


How do you make the double jump on Balls to the Wall? do you lean forward, backward, do you have to scrub? I can’t figure it out and I have watched the leaderboards via premium. I have decapitated my guy at least a dozen times…

Edit: Got it, finally…


Anyone up for a dance?


This had to hurt…


Lol, share the trick then?


I tried to share a sequence of the crotch landing but I’m only allowed to post one pic per post.


oh the humanity…


Suddenly got wr on the first track, wasnt even close to a decent run. Probably because the track is so hard and needs a lot of time before someone gets a good and smooth run on it.


Man I suck so far. Any tips for either of the hard sections in the tracks? Whoops jump or double


The whoops I luckscrubbed by leaning forward and hoping for a lucky bounce.
The walls I took by sheer speed. Gather all the speed you can and lean forward at the last moment. The backscrub, however, is faster.


Top 4 from Norway :smiley:
(Im in france this week because each jam week i change country to mix it up and give the country a challenge)


Frame landed on the top… First time I’ve ever fallen off from landing like this…


Where you at, bro? I’m in northern Provence.


Just wanted to say hello :slight_smile:


Your comment will drown in the raging discussion.