The OFFICIAL Jam week #127 discussion

Top men, give a warm welcome to Jam week #126 :smile:

This weeks track are Mutt by @JoeW723 and Top Men by @allynbencen aka Benceneator.

To all our new members; welcome to the forum!
This is a thread created on a weekly basis where you can chat, brag, hate, relate, love and whine through the Jam rounds :slight_smile:

Tracks this week are wicked!! Going to be a fun week of trying to throw down some clean runs.

@JoeW723. Good job, buddy!

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Don’t tempt me!

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Check out my totally-not-luck-only-skill run on top men. Seriously, i just tried some random stuff for an hour and this happened. Not happy with the ending tho.
Edit: just got 3rd ww. Crazy fast ending this time

You cant go faster over that last jump than with the backscrub you’re pulling of… Or you edited your post when you nailed this run that took you to #4 in the world as we speak? Damn clean run Simen, well done :slight_smile:

Yes the ending was perfect, but ive found a super good strategy in the start that i did in te run before i edited the post.

I’d like to think I don’t have the power to piss you off enough for you to build an anti Birdshaw track, just to spite me… But I think I do.

There already is one created, it’s called Whoops!. We used it in cash games. The Gumbler guys want me to use it in Jam, but it is BRUTAL! Like so bad that a decent % of players may never reach the finish line. It’s fun though :slight_smile:


Here is one section…



I’d actually like to try that! I’d rage and rave, but that’s pretty much standard.

Put it at least in versus or a small campaign series thing with all the crazy hard tracks you guys have made

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We try to leave VS tracks on the easier side since players of all difficulty levels play in VS. I’m tempted to make it the second Jam track one of these weeks, but I fear the backlash we will get.

Yeah what about like I said a campaign series with a whole bunch of super hard tracks? I think that would be sweet. There really is no consequence of not doing campaign. Maybe a special thing like special boots or a helmet for completing it. Or nothing at all

But I would be supportive 100% of it being in jam

I promise I won’t throw a hissy fit. :slight_smile:
I wont even update the incident clock.

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You might not be able to resist @Birdshaw lol. It really does have a LOT of whoops. And I mean NASTY whoops too!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:

Here is a special section just for you in next weeks Jam track. If you hit them normal you’ll hit the wall. If you can hit that while riding a 12 o’clock wheelie you’ll be able to bounce over the wall. It’s a pain, and it’s 2 laps! :slight_smile: