The OFFICIAL Jam week #126 discussion

That’s only a problem if he uses more than one profile for cash jam. If he does you should hit Gumbler up.

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I haven’t seen him in cash jam but I just thought it was kinda crazy and @CountVonKasta I was thinking the same withe Leonardo

Still weird to make multiple profiles. Maybe he wants all top 3 spots on the box :laughing:

@rcboxer nice times so far this week brotha

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Thanks @Steve-ox you too!! I need to work on the first track some more.

Hey guys, get your shit together!
You’re falling behind the Kipmaster!
You can’t have that, right? :smile:
@Steve-ox @LesterWire @rcboxer @CountVonKasta @OnTheFrontLine @SyrianAtheist @TCR_Elvis_PR @Monroe201

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Oh I’m sorry I haven’t had time. I’ve been out playing Pokémon Go like a real man! :joy:


I wonder if he challanges himself in vs :smile:

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Dang check you out getting all crazy!! lol

That’s going to be hard to beat but I’m gonna do it :+1::muscle:

I got you bo!

Lmao, I cant compete with that! :smile: @Monroe201

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