The OFFICIAL Jam week #126 discussion


Listen up all you DJ’s, fans and freaks!

It’s time to dry your eyes and give a warm welcome to Jam week #126 :smile:

This weeks track are Advantage by @JoeW723 and Nemesis by @rcboxer

And to all our new members; welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

This is a thread created on a weekly basis where you can chat, brag, hate, relate, love and whine through the Jam rounds :slight_smile:


WTF kind of tracks are these?! I havent seen tracks this bad for almost an hour!!!
I like them! Good job👍🏻


My track is awesome! :joy:


Did you design it? I’m still ahead :slight_smile:


Nah it just holds my name :wink: I just had a quick poop run at work, imma go all 6ft7-line over yo ass laters :smiley:


Both tracks are great! Fast, flowy and scrubby :slight_smile:

Good job @rcboxer and @JoeW723


Ha!! @CountVonKasta I thought you’d like that :wink: I was having trouble coming up with a name so I came to the forum for some ideas. Saw your Nemesis and it was perfect :+1:


Thanks kip!!


Ha! That means I actually named it :smiley:




Thats great @rcboxer now I love it even more :joy:
Sad part is that I’ll get slaughtered this week cause Im on the slowest possible line :fearful:

Yeah, I got some creative help with that sign :wink:


I prefer more technical tracks but these aren’t bad


Me too. We have to take a break from the tech one or @Birdshaw will murder baby goats.


I’ll do that anyway. But as stated earlier I like tech. I prefer tech. @JoeW723


Dude! Now you’re on the fast line, but your run aint that fast:)

Edit: It’s better now. Bastard!


Had 30m on a random last half lap when I got battery notification and pooped all over myself :rage: would have been a low 59.
slowly finding the flow tho

Edit: time&space


so does anyone know thus guy, I think he has two profiles. I posted a few weeks ago that I thought he was using googled photos but I think it’s just one person with two profiles


I hate when the battery low notification hits right at the worst time or u ignore the low battery cuz u don’t want to set it down and you’ve got a fast line going and it fies


I was wondering the same thing steveox I was trying to figure out how someone makes two profiles that’s how I found this forum


Im thinking Leonardo197 also is the same guy, theyre at at least very close in riding style