The OFFICIAL Jam week #125 discussion

Bring it!

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I actually kind of like the tough as nails-track now, once I got to terms with the fact that nailing a good run is like hitting a hole in one. Fall off the line and youre in the rough.

Well well what do we have here?


@Birdshaw The harder the track the more mixed reviews we get. I’ve had a bunch of comments like these, but I’ve also had an email from one guy who was pissed, kinda like you :slight_smile:

Someone seriously took the time to email in and complain about Exit 237?!?

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Are you surprised by that? We get stuff like that daily :slight_smile:

We get way more compliments though.

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You know, I could probably beat you, but I don’t think I’ll be wasting any more aggravation on that track. No matter what ppl think, I still think the difficulty is way beyond what’s fun. @CountVonKasta said that he likes when a good time is like hitting a hole in one, and that’s fair. But PLEASE could we keep it at eagle level for a while?

Just broke into the top 100… I’ve gotta say I hated Exit 237 at first. I wanted to come here and cuss you guys out. After 1300 attempts though, I think I actually dig the track. It’s easier now to hit the lines although that last whoop section before the triple… FUCK THAT SHIT.

Rants aside, I think this weeks tracks are pretty killer. I love a tech track and Exit 237 is great. I don’t think it’s too hard, I think it just takes some time to get used to it. The more technical the better I do so keep them HARD!

I agree with Birdshaw. That stupid spike strip is idiotic at best. The rest of the track is fun but why would that or anything like that be put in? It takes whatever skills you may have and throws it all out the window and leaves up to pure luck.

Luck does not = skill at this game. Otherwise its a raffle. I dont care for the tracks where luck is a heavy portion of making a good time.

Call it whining if you want no skin off my back but but fun it is not.

Wow, people really seem to hate this track, I myself think it’s pretty well designed and fun. I mean the harder a track is the more you end up playing it to get a good line and when you do its way more gratifying. Just one mans opinion


I couldn’t help it.

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Yo dude what’s the easiest way to add all you guys to my friends list so I can gloat?

Look us up and press “follow” I guess :slight_smile:
I sent you a Versus challenge, even though Im lightyears away from Simen’s skill level.

Gave your run in Jam three attempts aswell… :wink:

Nice time! Doubt I’ll be beating it :slight_smile:

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Did you guys think I was done ranting? Guess again.
My main problem with this track is not that it’s difficult… It’s that it’s so unbelievably random. The very first part with the table and mini step up is hard. I have no beef with hard. The next element, however, is one of the most random elements this game has ever seen. The three “tables” within the whoops is a killer idea, but the excecution is poor. The problem is actually not with the whoop section in itself, but with the jump that comes after.
The landing point is simply too far away! You have to be insanely lucky to carry enough speed to clear it. Just 1 or 2 meters to the left would have elevated this map from total crap shoot, to hard AF.
The other problem is that if by some miracle you make the jump you have to face this:

CMON! These arent whoops! It’s a spike strip. These things will screw you over at random, and there’s nothing you can do about it but bend over.
Had they been just a little bit more mellow a lot of the randomness would have been taken out of it.

ONE shorter jump and mellower whoops would have made this track one of the greats. I think a bed was pooped here.


The whoops ARE frustrating with their randomness, they have f&%€d me countless (lol) times after getting a good start. Hitting them at greater speed only ups the chanses of getting bounced silly it seems. A hard to reach double double would have been a great obstacle imho :slight_smile:

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