The OFFICIAL Jam week #123 discussion

Alright women, week #123 is here. time to get Busey!

This weeks track are Nowheresville 3 by oldtimer @JoeW723 and Wicked, drawn up by our own @Steve-ox and designed in the track editor by our beloved @rcboxer

And to all the new members; welcome to the forum! This is a thread created on a weekly basis where you can chat, brag, hate, love and whine through the Jam rounds :slight_smile:


Really fun tracks this week.

I am happy to say that I drew the design for track 2 and my man @rcboxer who brought it to life. Also I named it. I hope everyone likes it and I can’t wait to leave work and play it today :laughing::laughing:

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Running nowheresville 3 perfectly and missing the scrub before the whoops.


I liked it before. Now I think it sucks!


My designated ragequit spot of the week :rage:

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So how’s everyone liking the tracks so far. I like having a couple shorter tracks after the marathon tracks as of late. I’m not saying I don’t like the longer tracks or multiple laps I just think it’s good to switch it up every few weeks

Oh and @Birdshaw go bake a cake or something…haha

I got my best global finish ever last week came in at #161 overall / #141 division 1… I’m still hanging on to it haven’t even ridden both tracks yet haha… but the first track is great and fuck those whoops at the end…

Congrats on having your track in Jam, I know the feeling :slight_smile:

The second half of your track is a backwheel bump fest :smile: Just played it a couple of times though,
overall it seems like a good track, not as good as Kip Da Whip but still :wink:

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Yeah, The end of your track can go fuck right on off!


oh good its doing what it was designed for, pissing u off:joy:

Yeah, I figured.

You’re a terrible person for dreaming up this track.

All the hate… Gotta love it! :smile:

I think this is the most attempts I’ve ever put down in 2 days. :joy::sweat_smile:

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@LesterWire dude Im impressed!

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Ahhh, I love the fact that it’s a challenging track. @LesterWire that’s awesome you have that many attempts but the important thing I’d your times reflect the work well…nice job so far man


Thanks guys. Got a guy in Oklahoma named Dudeslatton that’s pushing me for 1st. Haha he’s got me on wicked by like .012 seconds. :joy:

I really like that the speed check is at the beginning because if they’re anywhere near the end I forget they’re there half the time.

@Steve-ox I had to race you on your track and this is what happend :blush:

Try beating me with the same number of frontflips (3). Also, check out my uber scrubflip. Its a beeeeauty :heart_eyes:

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You can get 4 front flips, @Steve-ox. I believe in you.

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