The OFFICIAL Jam week #122 discussion

Howdy cowboys, week 122 has arrived!

More info will come as soon as the server wakes up :slight_smile:
This weeks track are **Halfshell ** by @allynbencen aka Benceneator, and, hear hear Gettin Shigzy With It made by @OnTheFrontLine on a stream together with @shigz76 if Im right.

Lets go :smile:

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In the meantime, is that kid Ebbot from TSOOL, as a kid? :joy:

It gotta be man! It got to be :wink:

Not too bad.

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@Kipketer what the hell did you search for to find that picture? :joy:

You dont wanna know man…


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Cute. :slight_smile:

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First track… a blast! Second track… whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Such cute. Much looks. Wow!

Early screenshots ftw right :wink: :smile:


“HalfShell. Was it really necessary to make the loop out physics reaction so ridiculous and stupid or do you guys just not even give a short shirt what the fans think anymore?”

Sorry didn’t see your reply before I deleted it. I try to keep things positive. This particular post was a lapse, out of frustration after struggling with it, for literally hours, on my iPad Pro 9.7 trying to beat a time I had put down earlier on my phone, iPhone 6s Plus. The game was just being a weed in Dicks yard, looping out on every piece of gravel. I did finally end up beating my time but I had to go back to my phone. Don’t know what’s up with that. I’m consistently a whole second slower on the iPad so I try more aggressive tactics to compensate, but not always with positive results. :dizzy_face:

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That IS cute :smiley: now go f%&k up the other track big boy

Funny coincidence :slight_smile:

Now, if only poppanator could get with the program… :joy:


how in gods name does one get under 00:45:00 on the second track?

I like the lines on the first map a lot, I wish it was only one lap though. The second map I didn’t like at first but now I love it, very awesome map. Good job OTFL!!

Idk if this helps but heres my run for 43.89

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Mad skills​:joy::sweat_smile::smiley:

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@LesterWire welcome to the forum my brotha

@Steve-ox Thanks! Wish I woulda known about it sooner. Haha

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Yeah I guess I should have told ya about it in the vs chat haha @LesterWire