The OFFICIAL Jam week #121 discussion

Alright gents, it’s time to welcome Jam week #121!

This weeks track are Safe Harbor by @JoeW723 and Into the Blue by Benceneator @allynbencen

Have fun guys :slight_smile:

I won’t be doing a Jam Week stream today. I may shoot for tomorrow. I have to take care of birthday festivities instead

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Jesus Christ… :joy:

I was about to post but now Im slowly backing away from this thread being careful not to make eye contact :joy:

Talk about selfish, denying me my Thursday stream just cuz it’s your birthday… I can’t stand people who only think of themselves​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Hey I took enough hatred on stream yesterday while playing Mafia 2 :joy::+1:t2: ask @Birdshaw


I was there too, happy birthday bro​:cake::tada::birthday::ice_cream:

not too bad 4 day 1… Back at it tomorrow


Thats great, you’re aiming at top 5 this week?

I do :smile:

Always kip, always​:wink::yum:

LIES! All lies!

I’m a lover. Not a fighter.

I got set up against this random kid and demolished him… Almost too easy :smile:

@Steve-ox :heart_decoration:

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That’s impressive, I can only get that front wheel tap clean once for every 37 attempts!

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@Kipketer it’s about time you get a better time than me in jam​:joy::joy::kissing_heart:

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