The OFFICIAL Jam week #120 discussion

Alright ladies, it’s time to welcome Jam week #120!

This weeks track are Ah Hell, Brakes Loose by @JoeW723 and Dispey by Benceneator @allynbencen

Have fun guys :slight_smile:

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really love the first track

still have to figure out how sixfootseven managed 1:36, guess I need premium

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Its important to have goals in life, so heres one for you @Birdshaw :slight_smile:

I’ve had 1 (ONE) run, man. I’ll kill your time later.
Or actually I probably wont. This week I’ll play till I’m in the top 10% for sure, and stop.

C’mon man, theres an offer right now, play and get 5 rockets for free! Its like they want to see me beaten :slight_smile:

(Edit: damn HD autocorrect)

I like the second track :smiley: not a big fan of the first track, tbh its long and boring with no variety

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just finished dispey in under a minute :slight_smile:

…and failed both my free plays right at the beginning haha

The first track was roughly based on Glen Helen. Outdoor tracks in the game usually end up being kinda boring. Probably won’t do many more of them. Hard to replicate.

I wont argue there. I love you man, but you’ve managed to make a track completely without joe whoops that I still hate. That’s pretty impressive :slight_smile:


I actually think the first track is kind of fun, its all those small details that makes the difference and it obviously takes skill to go fast.

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I mean you can mos def see that it’s made by a very skilled designer. The flow is on point! But it’s sooo long and the real crit points come in after more than a minute. I really dont like the layout.

Yeah it sure keeps you on the edge of the seat the entire ride. Its a treat to have premium and challange a top rider and watch how they just pulls away seemingly effortless. Thats real mad skills right there!

I made sure you got that premium even tho you fell asleep:) @CountVonKasta

so this is really funny to me, two people must have found pics on google so they would look like they ride in real life…top and bottom pics


Heart of gold man, heart of gold :wink:

@Steve-ox holy crap man thats hilarious! Nice find
Edit: seems as they are from about the same region in brazil, maybe its in honour of a late friend or something like that. Good eye nevertheless :slight_smile:

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Yeah that’s a good call @CountVonKasta, if that is the case I think it’s pretty cool

One of them changed their profile pic now

@SIRSCRUBSALOT is killing it once again. Big time! :sunny:

Crazy how we are already on week 120. Easy to say the last 120 weeks have been have been so fun. Here’s to another 120 or even 500 more weeks!


Even knowing how fast the @devs work, I pretty sure MSMX 3 will have taken over by then. :smile: