The OFFICIAL Jam week #119 discussion

Alright crew, Jam week #119 is here and you know what to do :slight_smile:

This weeks track are Kip Da Whip drawn up by me, and designed in the track editor by @rcboxer, and King by Clfitty aka @yzbeast622

Carry on!

Its cool this weeks tracks are named after us :slight_smile:

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Haha, yeah :smile:

Here’s a little something for you to sink your teeth in.

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Thats welcome, it was getting boring racing your times for comical purposes :smiley:

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Yeah yeah yeah. I had 250 runs total last week. Some of us have lives you know.

The number of attempts discussion is so last week :smiley:


Sup @Kipketer :wink:

great run, but i failed a bit at the end. Im happy with this run


Dang man that was about a perfect run!!!

Just finished Kip Da Whip with Bike #8 in 1:08:677 / Don’t think this can go any better, thumb hurts badly

Oh man. @Kingloddo How close are you to bike 9??

rank 39 in versus, so its gonna take a few more days ^^
do you guys always use bike 10 for jam or is it sometimes also useful to use 9?

No I doubt anyone uses bike 9 once you have bike 10. They are same top speed but bike 10 takes off quicker. Good thing is once you get bike 9, 10 is super easy to get.

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You still got that old bucket somewhere?

You fellas saw Parkers run on Kip Da Whip?!
His way up on the first step up is about as nice you can possibly do it. Oh my freakin god! :fearful:

Go watch it guys!

Edit: Here it is

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lol dude that was ridiculously fast!!!

Ha, yeah Ive pretty much given up on this week, way off pace. Next week I’ll be rollin ’ in HD so stay tuned… I know you will :smiley:

Great tracks this week… my kind of jam for sure! Good job guys. I don’t know how some of you guys hold/maintain/control your wheelies so well. I’m a loopout away from raging and frisbeeing my phone.

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I agree, this is one of the best Jam rounds ever. Two awesome tracks :smile:

About the wheelie skills, its all in your fingers men!
Practice, practice, practice…