The OFFICIAL Jam week # 118 discussion

Alright crew, Jam week #118 is here and you know what to do :slight_smile:

This weeks track are Showtime by @rcboxer, and Rhino’s Revenge by @JoeW723

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This is for everyone who says I always have 1000 + attempts


We made DB whoops x3 because one F’ew just isn’t enough.

@Steve-ox whats the deal with the amount of attempts - talk I’ve seen lately? I dont see it.
I mean who cares of how much we play?
Is it a bad thing to have 1000 attempts?
I usually have 1500-2000.

We love it, we play… Right? :slight_smile:

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I had an insane amount of tries last week :slight_smile:
My week usually looks like this, first check out the track and set a decent time, then keep repeating the same mistakes over and over for a coupe days, ragequit for a day, then get back on it and actually improve lol.


Oh wow, it took me almost exactly 1000 tries to discover the faster line that’s down in the lower section. Now if I can just hit it without an accidental lazy boy scrub and a rear wheel tap.

Love this game and home skillet, sounds like you’re d scribing what I go through to a T. Glad to know I’m not the only one. This game has become one of my favorite work out tools. Play a few runs between sets, get all torqued and then take it out on the weights. :stuck_out_tongue:

For me… the most i play(attempts) the most i go lower!! but sometimes I got weeks with only 100 to 300 attempt… and I know I can go much lower but don’t got time to play! :frowning:

TCR killing it so far… :sunglasses:


Dang!!! Awesome :+1:

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Yeah I understand, but in Steves post it seemed like people were complaining about he having a lot of attempts. As if that should be a bad thing.

If you are top 50 in the world with 200 or 2000 attempts, I mean who cares.
Winning is winning :smile:


Btw, that three lapper is a real biatch… Keeping your shit together for three laps with all them scrubs aint no joke men!


For me… This is good :grinning:

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That’s awesome…u have a better time than me!!!
And for anyone that’s good, did u design it with that scrub line?

Just watched the run, clean af, and I see u went tire tap instead of scrub. Well done. I had the exact same setup on my bike like a month ago except I had one black tire😋

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Ya actually I meant the scrub line to be fastest. But I don’t remember thinking the wheel tap would be possible or not :laughing:

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It’s just a motivation memes to keep it going!! :wink:


Yeah I saw on here a few weeks ago and on Facebook when I got 19th place people saying its cuz I had over 1000 attempts but pretty much everyone in the top 50 has been playing twice as long as I have so if it take 1,000,000 million attempts I’m gonna get a first place finish one of these days😜


My opinion is… the most attempt you do , the most chance you got to lower your times but not always is like that… some ppl does a lot and never goes lower! So if I had a chance to make 2,000 attempts to lower my times I will do it!! Who cares? I enjoy playing this game anyway!! :wink:

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That is truly awesome my friend :smile: