The OFFICIAL Jam week #116 discussion

You aint behind the wheel :slight_smile:
Drive time is mad skills time.

Not much compared to you guys, most of you anyway, (:smile:) but Im on fire this week looking at where I usually sit on the leaderboards :slight_smile:

Oh, and the fast time on dystopia of course being set utilizing the Kasta patent pending sweet ass (and lucky AF) backscrub :smiley:

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You are really flying this week, I’ll give you that.

Got a good run on dystopia, i wouldve gone for wr if i knew it was that good. You can see me just driving safely 2nd lap

@Simen_Salthe_Johanne I pretty much did the same thing. I was ahead of my ghost so i just played it safe

Dang @Simen_Salthe_Johanne nice run on Dystopia!!!

Thanks! But tbh i really hate it, it felt like i hit every jump very bad. Ive done the two long jumps into the 2nd lap perfect and it is so much faster. My guess on wr is 56.8.

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``so I did a little spring cleaning today on moose now I need to work on track 2


Im so nervous right now, my run wasnt that bad at all. Im really hoping for top 3. 50 minutes left :pray:

GG top 3, first time

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Well done Simen, congrats on your top3 :slight_smile: :checkered_flag:

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