The OFFICIAL Jam week #116 discussion

All bow, Jam week #116 has arrived :sunny: :sunglasses:

You know what to do…

The tracks made by @JoeW723 and @allynbencen even though it says otherwise, and they are named
Moose and Dystopia.

Come on men! :kissing_heart:

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Come on guys, 11 hours and you dont have anything to say?! Slackers :weary:

Slacking slackers!!

Actually pretty sure Dystopia was made by bencenator.

I’m still at work. … almost 5 hrs more to finish!! haven’t play yet! :frowning2:

It says Joe in the game right…? Atleast it did when I opened up Jam at first.
He is trying to take cred from Allyns piece of work?! I’ll be damned :kissing:

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Dude, do like I do and stop the damn truck.
We gotta play men!! :smile:

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@CountVonKasta who have you got driving for you this week? Is it that bone head @Kipketer? TELL ME!

Anyone who’s played more than a few weeks can tell a Bencenator track from a mile away. I’ve edited the first post to give @allynbencen the cred he deserves. It’s an awesome little asshole of track.

Well excuse me for being so damn autistic putting up the thread with all the info given from the game the same minute they launch the new tracks :smile:

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Did I call you out for making a mistake, and call you bad names? No. I merely used my awesumz modding skills to correct it.
You blithering idiot! :smiley:

Well, the skill you lack in the game you make up for in modding :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Why do you think I have so many titles. I’m a jack of all trades and master of none.

Ha, yeah had a good run on the two lapper almost right avaw and then polished it a few times, and have the first half of the sx track down, its just a matter of putting the second part together…And that is a b@#$h :smiley:

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Oh the satisfaction! Finally nailed that pesky break-jump and got a good run through the woops, cut half a sec wita a not so good first hakf :slight_smile:

Imma play my celebration song that was actually meant for last week but that kinda went belly up :slight_smile:
Cheeze nacho baby!

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I just wanted to point out that every time you watch a replay, any replay it adds an attempt to your attempts. Has anyone else noticed this??

Yeah, it’s a known bug that they haven’t gotten around to fix.

How are you TCR guys doin this week?

@Steve-ox @TCR_Elvis_PR @nclark338 @Simen_Salthe_Johanne

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Ive been busy with bmx racing and long car trips this week, 3 races in 3 days. I am going to do some serious attempts later today.

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I’m doin ok, sitting in the top100 but I got some spring cleaning to do on both tracks😎

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Ill try to get a better lap on the 2nd track soon. I can be way ahead but can’t clear the quad into the 2nd lap and make the next jump clean.