The OFFICIAL Jam week #115 discussion

Lads, Jam week #115 has arrived :sunny: :sunglasses:

You know what to do…

The tracks this week are:
Lightning Bolt made by @rcboxer and
On The Line by @JoeW723.

Come on men! :kissing_heart:

Fun tracks, this week its business as usual, i come out swinging and then quickly fades o the back of the pack :smiley:

Lol, come on man, this might be your week :wink:

Most important thing for you this week is to beat the crap out of Birdshaw… Would you please do that for me? :heart:

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I’m anxious to see what part of my track @Birdshaw hates this week :joy:


I’ll try to keep the winning streak going :wink:

If you were to venture a guess… :slight_smile:

And @CountVonKasta. That was easy… Now what?

Oh, you took that SOB last week? Didnt watch the leaderboards that closely.

Then keep it up Count! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I got so hung up on @JoeW723’s school yard bully of a track that I never really got in to track two.

i only put down two attempts on each track b4 work but they seem fun and i like how there both 1 lappahs(thats my mass accent)

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Your move :slight_smile:

This feud has really elevated my game :slight_smile:

That was the plan:)
I will destroy you in the face when the kids are asleep.


Keep in mind there aint such a thing as a lucky ass backscrub :slight_smile:
Those perfect acrobatic events of pure art should be called kastascrubs really.

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It’ll be easy af man. Af!

I knew once I hit the toilet after the stream I’d lay down a good time haha. SOAB!

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Okay so I just sat down for a victory dump and just laid down some pretty damn good times again. Sitting pretty now :ok_hand:

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Yea I’m not too far behind ya @OnTheFrontLine, I’ll grind it out some more tomorrow!!``<img src="//" width=“690”

@OnTheFrontLine Why not stream from the toilet? Im sure your fanbase would’ve loved it

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Brown screen technology, next level shit