The OFFICIAL Jam week #114 discussion


Friends, Jam week #114 has arrived :sunny: :sunglasses:

You know what to do…
The tracks are Go Again made by @rcboxer and Heat It Up by @JoeW723. Go get em!

Come on men! :kissing_heart:


Ill submit my opinions after the stream today. I havent even looked at them yet


I lead by 30m coming into lap two and mess up that last section eeeeeevery time!!! Its a cool two secs easy if only I can piece it together just once… Eh well twice


The sx track this week is pretty difficult but I like it. And the other track is great :ok_hand:



@JoeW723 I swear to God, I will take you to the movies, your soda will be flat, your popcorn will be cold and stale, there will be a kid kicking your seat all night long, and the movie will be starring Katherine Heigl!


At least your taking him to a movie😍


What did I do?


@Birdshaw is just upset you took his rockets away from jam😂


You did Heat it up. You sadist!


That track is fun! I’m sitting at 2,197 which is pretty good for me :slight_smile: Key is the last part, you have to land that triple just right in order to jump onto that table/step up thing. Also the gnarly whoops section!


It says I’ve only had 36 attempts. I’m not sure I believe that, but if it’s true that is pretty good!


That track is like picking a scab. You don’t want to, but you can’t help it. That little step up… :triumph::triumph::triumph:

And you’re right… There is something screwy with the run counter. It just took about 150 runs from my count.


Last time it was dinner, and now it’s a movie. We’re going camping next.


Current wr on go again. You can see im nervous at the end as i fail so hard. The time wont last for long before someone else beats me.


Awesome!! You killed the whoops :+1:


Just don’t take me skydiving!


I’ll save that for when you make an all whoops track.


Zele is the first one to get under 1:24… Daaayumn :confused:

@Steve-ox you’re up!



Heat it up is the most unfairly hard track ever! It has like 16.000 boom or bust points, the step up being the hardest element of any track ever! AND YOU FUCKING HAVE TO DO IT TWICE! AND IT’S RIGHT IN THE FUCKING END! 1m short on the tripple: FUCK YOU! NO STEP UP FOR YOU! 1m long: LOL FUCK YOU AGAIN!
And to even come to that point you have to navigate insane rythm sections where ONE TINY MISTAKE ruins your run. TWICE!
And TWO whoop sections that have no other purpose than to ruin your life. TWICE!!!
THAT’S it @JoeW723, we’re going skydiving.
"Thank’s for packing my shute Birdshaw.“
NP man, I mos def packed your shute. There are no bricks in there.”

With an easier step up, I agree, it would be fun.