The OFFICIAL Jam week #113 discussion

Time flies when you’re having fun, so stand up tall and give a warm welcome to Jam week #113 and this weeks thread for it :slight_smile:

Happy with your rank from last week?

The cheaters should be long gone by now, so it’s up to us true playahz to climb the leaderboards.

Good luck everyone :slight_smile:



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I like the tracks this week :slight_smile: great flow on the twolapper and as usual I dont have a clue how the fast guys can be that fast lol!

But #1 on the leaderboards is a cheater, so I guess the issue isnt resolved yet

Alright it’s my birthday and I want a new badge, I need 25 likes…hook me up my fellow non-cheating msmx2ers!!


Not a cheater you say? I’ve seen pictures of you driving with some sort of performance enhancement on your thumb. :smiley:


Sorry @CountVonKasta, I kinda sorta straight up murdered you:)

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@Steve-ox Happy Birthday! :wink: :wink:


sorry you couldn’t enjoy that a little longer😉 @Kipketer


I hope you got no birthday gifts today… Nothing at all! :rage:

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Its all about the last fricking bumps at the end on last line, i was ahead of sixfootseven but i completly screwed up :rage:

Dont get too comfortable, Im creeping up on you :stuck_out_tongue:
Now I’ll go play the outdoor track for a while
And oh, happy bday steve :smiley:

Thanks brotha, and don’t let the man(@Birdshaw) keep u down😋

Thaaaaaat kinda sucks, go get him… We all know you can make it to the top :slight_smile:
Cool hangin out at the stream btw!

Thanks, I wont :wink:

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@cREED22 How are things with you and your phone these days? We miss you both here on the forum and on the (top of the) leaderboards :wink:

I will destroy you later:)

I just want to say that I really like the second track. Good flow, whoops that you actually can handle, uber scrub potential here and there… The track have it all.
I see a lot of beginners (noobs, less skilled) with good times too so I think they also like it, for instance @Birdshaw made a pretty descent run… :slight_smile:

Well done Shigz and Joe

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Whatever rocketman.

Oops I did it again.
I whooped your ass.
And you lost the game.
Oh Kasta Kasta

Oops you thought you would win
But I made your head spiiiiiiiiiiiiiin
I pwnd your ass real good.

Edit: nice time as your comeback :+1:t2: