The OFFICIAL Jam week #112 discussion


Alright ladies, time to step it up, and welcome week 112 :smile:

Let the battles begin!


Top runs are rocket users…

@JoeW723 @bryan


On this week’s tracks? Check out week 111 thread


Yes, this week too. Im aware of the issues from last week


We’re fighting it. Thanks.


Is there any indication as to how they are hacking this or anything? It’s not just one or two people, the top 6 on Pick it Up and top 4 on Flow Master are all using it at least.


Yea and there’s probably a lot more scattered through the laederboard


so this is really weird, I have the top time on this leaderboard but at the main jam homscreen my name does not appear but the second place persons does @bryan @devs


whats up with the constant hackers on the leaderboards?


Not really feeling it this week, probably because I suck at sx style tracks. Im at 1.49.5 total right now, will try to get into the 48’s but already looking forward to next week


Hey, its just another whoop fest! You’re used to it :wink:
Just get up on that backwheel son!


yeah the whoops are something to behold this week! Im currently sitting 79th overall so far. Still have a ton of room for improvement. I just looped out on a run on Pick It Up. Had the dude shattered and i lost it at the end. FML :joy:


Sounds like when I raced you earlier today, I had you gooood until the final whoops raped me and you pulled of your lucky ass backscrub :frowning:


I’m creeping on you @OnTheFrontLine, I love these tracks!!!


I’m sorry sir that back scrub was all of my mad skills


Hahaha Steve don’t you always beat me anyway?


Not always I remember a few weeks where you had some sick runs I couldn’t beat, fun stream btw


Thanks man it’s always fun :slight_smile: I don’t know how much faster I’ll get this week. I think I hit my cap on stream yesterday


I just took your ass on Pick It Up. Gonna try the whoop festival track now. Beware chick!


Just had a pretty decent run on pick it up, if id manage to scrub the last jump it would possibly be the top or second time