The OFFICIAL Jam week #111 discussion


Alright fellas, bring it :smiley:


Just checked out the tracks. Tricky but fast if you can catch a groove and time the gaps. Fun stuff!!


Nuevo is awesome!! Great rhythm all the way through with a couple different lines, at least, that I’ve found so far. Wasn’t that a player designed track?


True man, Joe streamed the making of it last week.

The original post is to be found here Track Building Ideas


I really, really like the tracks. They tell all the n00bs to suck it!


How did you feel hearing that son? :slight_smile:


I created this track haha, thank you


A comedian! We got a comedian over here!


So I’m rocking a pretty sweet 118.3 on Godwin eight now, good enough for 11 place on world records!!:black_joker:


Great run TCR_Steve!
So, lets hear some winning tips n trixs from the world #11 then :wink:


Obviously a few runs through the track to gage where you need to slow down and where u can place your scrubs is key. Two things I think I found really helpful is on the second speed check it’s really easy to overshoot so let your momentum carry you over and you will have alot more speed going into the whoops, second bis don’t overshoot the transition from lap one to lap two. For all u non premium players I hope this is helpful


AND very first lap, IF you can double then triple the very beginning jumps you’ll make up a bunch of time :+1:


Dang nice run!!!


I just took about .120 off of it awesome track, it’s yours right???[quote=“rcboxer, post:13, topic:393”]
nice run!!!


Dang you had a fast time and you already beat it?? Nice again!!! Ya I made the track, godwin39 scetched it out in track ideas thread and I made it. Have you tried to double the first jump yet?


Yea only a couple times but I saw @OnTheFrontLine hit it, it’s tough but I’m gonna try a few runs with that line [quote=“rcboxer, post:15, topic:393”]
Have you tried to double the first jump yet?


All I’m saying is that hump at the end of the whoops on Nuevo can burn in hell


Does anyone have a video of themselves or someone else hitting that first double on Godwin Gap? I can land on top of the landing but always bounce too much to hit that next triple.


Try not doubling it… Hit the first jump real soft and take off to the next jump


This is my best run so far, and while I didn’t hit it as smoothly in this run as I have, I think it’s better to tap into that little jump between the big ones after it. Hopefully this gif works so you can see