The OFFICIAL Jam week #110 discussion


Time to welcome week 110 guys!

How do you like the new tracks?
What’s hard about them?

What are your goals this round?
Got any sweet tricks you want to share?

Brag, whine, cry, chat - here’s this weeks thread for it!


I like the 2nd track, I have current wr but my run is bad


It’s a really, REALLY good little track.


gona take a lil longer guys this phone is even worse as a broken phone -.-
will be back on a 7s soon enough I hope have fun, ill stay around this place 4 sure eheh


Fun pair of tracks this week as well :slight_smile: Im at 1.26.7 right now and thats an awesome week so far for me :slight_smile:
You think we’ll see times <1.20 when the heavy hitters enter the scene?


I’m at 1.26 flat right now. # 1 is at 1.23,6. I doubt we’ll see much lower than 1.22 on these short tracks.


Im right there with you now, this is by far my best week ever for some reason. Need to grind myself into the .25’s now :slight_smile:


I’m sitting in at 124.1 and these tracks are badass I’m right around 63 overall looking to improve​:video_game::motorcycle:


The second track this week is one of the best we have had in a long time. Technical but not to the point that you can’t do it. I wish it was 2 or 3 laps on it though.


Not bad… I’m #23 @ World Records so far! :slight_smile:


I love the fact that it could have been a two lapper but isn’t. So refreshing.


Thats a good point, I can never repeat a good line two laps in a row maybe thats why this week has been good to me :smiley: Im at 1.25.8 now, not much to show off in this thread but next level s@@t for me lol


If your getting better that’s all that matters, no one is here to judge…keep grinding bro!!!:motorcycle:


We regular players can’t help it that this forum atracts the cream of the crops. :slight_smile: We’re just grinding our way up the boards instead.


Man have you guys seen master52’s run on sweeper?!?! Wheelie monster he is


It’s one of the most insane runs I’ve ever seen. Fast, fast, fast!


I like both tracks. I’ve moved up to the top 10% globally and 125th in Oregon. Going to try for 50th or better and keep on getting closer to the top of the leaderboard.


Try for 50? That aint gonna cut it, aim for #1 :wink:


Setting reachable goals along my way to the top is my plan. I plan to reach number 1 in the world but don’t expect to get there tomorrow… Lol


Man, I love both tracks but can’t seem to get any faster times. I need some premium rounds to check out the hot shots and see how they are going about it. I’ve been stuck at 126.8 for two days. Still grinding though…